Best Hosting Server

How Do I Find the Best Hosting Server for My Needs?

How Do I Find the Best Hosting Server for My Needs? When we are looking for a Best Hosting Server the first question arises in our mind is its features and cost. We want to know what type of features & quality it includes and at what cost it can be available. Whenever we choose any hosting server, first of all, we give look at its cost, services, and quality which we require. It’s very hard for us to get a high-quality hosting services at a very low price. But it will be possible with Onlive Infotech as it brings lots of hosting services at an affordable price with lots… Read More

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An Affordable USA VPS Hosting Server Solution For Your Business

Onlive Infotech LLP presents USA VPS Hosting Server at an affordable price with lots of features. Our hosting server is totally based on virtualization technology, which separates a single server into multiple virtual hosting servers. In this process, a single physical server is used by multiple users and each server remains independent from each other. The fist advantage of this technology is that is a cost-effective solution for the customer which can’t afford a costly hosting server. It is cheaper in price so every business class can afford it very easily. Apart from that, we categorize our USA VPS hosting server according to customer capacity. You can choose the hosting… Read More

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Get More Reliable and Powerful Israel VPS Server Hosting

Onlive Infotech presents you reliable and powerful Israel VPS Server Hosting. It is tested and proved that it can handle our entire business requirement. It is a very effective solution for the development of the site with high traffic generation. You can easily use it for your many business applications like you can use it like gaming server, data restoration, and development of site and software and for your many purposes. As well our hosting service is available for you at an affordable price. So whether you have a small business or medium it doesn’t matter, we have hosting services for you all. With our hosting services, you can easily… Read More

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Make your Website Hosting effective with Turkey VPS Server

Make your Web hosting effective and most demanding with our Turkey VPS Server. We are a cheap hosting service provider with a quality server. We added all the hosting features which a hosting website need. Our hosting server is secure from security reasons. From security reasons, we offer firewall security to your server that protects your server from unauthorized access and from malicious software programs. For server data security we keep the data in encrypted form and use a decryption key to open that. To recover your data from the disaster we regularly take the backup of server’s data and keep it far from your own data center. So, in… Read More

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Affordable Hong Kong Dedicated Server available on your Budget

Onlive Server presents Affordable Hong Kong Dedicated Server Hosting with a high-level security and hosting features which we generally require. Our hosting server can be used for your many purposes, in server farms for special projects, remote access of any file, encoding of video, remote file storage, data backups, in gaming server and for your many purposes. We also provide our customer their choice of operating system. Generally, we offer them Linux and Windows based operating system. For Linux, we have a choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE and for Windows, we have the choice of Windows Server from 2008 to 2013. For server security, we hire an expert technical support… Read More

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Hosting Plans of Affordable India Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Server presents Affordable India Dedicated Server hosting at a very affordable price with the features which you need. If you want to host your website then we present you lots hosting server plans. Our plans are based on the basis of customer need and demand. We have hosting server plans for all type of business class whether it’s small or medium. So, now you can choose hosting server plans according to your need. Our hosting server can be used for your many purposes like hosting of website, restoration of data, development of site and software, file storage, gaming server and for your many purpose. Usually we provide high bandwidth… Read More

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Web Hosting

Consider about Domain and Web Hosting when choosing it

Consider about Domain and Web Hosting when choosing it To spread our services all over the world we do Web Hosting of our website. To publicize your business you make many efforts on that. Usually, to introduce your business you put your business posters around your neighborhood, advertised in the local press, create your business pages on social media sites. But generally, we see none of it is so effective and useful to bring our business at the top. After these all effort we get Zero output. Very fewer people is introduced with our services and we try to what our weak point. Choose Effective Domains Name Whenever you are… Read More

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web hosting service provider

Choosing the best web hosting service provider?

Choosing the best web hosting service provider? There are many Web Hosting Service Provider in the world. Among them to find the best one is a very difficult work. But On the basis of your experience and need, you can the best one among them. Before choosing a web hosting service provider for your website hosting we should think all the perspective of our need. First of all, we think about what kind of server should us need. How much should we spend? How much space do we need for our application? What domain should we choose? You can choose the hosting server services according to your business need. You… Read More

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Web hosting server

What Type of Web Hosting Server, Do You require?

What Type of Web Hosting Server, Do You require? Onlive Server has a different choice of Web Hosting Server available at an affordable price. According to customer demand, we provide lots of hosting services with our hosting server. We present number of hosting choices to our customer. Our cheaper hosting server plans offer unlimited bandwidth, HDD storage, high-level security and much more. Hosting Server which we provide We specialist in providing hosting servers. We generally provide you Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud hosting servers. Our hosting server can be used for your many purposes like hosting of your website, restoration of data, development of site or software, data backup and for… Read More

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Tips For Speed Up Hosted Website for Business Purpose

After hosting our website the first question arises is, how can we Speed Up Hosted Website for your business purpose?  The speed of our website decides our website online presence. If your site’s speed is slow, it will take a lot of time to be the load. The visitors will not come on your website due to its slow processing. Find out Born point of issue First of all, we should find out the reasons why our website goes slow down. Check its loading speed and then find out the factors that affect your website. There are also some tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights that will give the reason why… Read More

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