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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Inbound Marketing


6 Quick Tips to Improve Lead Database Quality

Author: Ed King Let’s face it—your lead database is dirty and full of holes. It contains duplicate records, incomplete addresses, and limited segmentation. This poor data makes it difficult to create targeted campaigns and engage your users, which ultimately limits what you can achieve with your marketing automation tool. Many marketers think the only way


Topic of Interest Based Nurturing

Author: Phillip Chen At Marketo, we are always testing to see how different lead nurture tracks work. This helps us optimize our processes and get creative with how we think about prospect engagement. At a certain point in nurturing, you reach a level where you have an abundance of content pieces that span a wide


Staple Yourself to a Lead

Author: Amy Guarino Nine years ago, Harvard Business Review published an article called Staple Yourself to an Order.  As companies became more customer-centric, the authors suggested that managers needed to staple themselves to an order to really understand the customer’s experience.  The idea being that a manager should know exactly where an order is at


5 Techniques For Lead Management Success That You Probably Aren’t Using

Author: Dayna Rothman Lead management is the ability to capture, respond, and manage incoming leads. When spending so much time and money on creating the perfect campaign, you want to make sure you have numerous best practices in place to manage your leads throughout the entire lifecycle. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t employ clearly defined lead


How Effective is Your Lead Generation? Key Insights from Lenskold Group’s 2012 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study

Author: Dayna Rothman The Lenskold Group and The Pedowitz Group recently released their 2012 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study. The study draws on 373 B2B marketers to discuss the practice of lead generation, marketing automation, ROI, and how they are all interrelated. Additionally, the report prioritizes competencies of highly effective marketing organizations, to help pinpoint

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