Facebook groupsThe old maxim “Unity is the strength” describes the function of online groups. Since people spend more time on social media than direct contact, online groups give them an opportunity to connect with other people of similar taste.  People of similar ideology, profession and interest come together and creates a group.

Different Types of Facebook Groups – Based on the privacy and function, there are various types of groups on Facebook and they serve different purposes.

Public Group – Public Group is open for everyone. Anyone can view and join it. The members of such groups can add or invite any Facebook users. All the information and posts of public groups are accessible to everyone.

Closed Group – It is similar to a public group in many aspects, but only a member can view the content and stories posted in a closed group. An outsider cannot see the activities of a closed group unless he is added or invited by a group member.

Secret Group – As the name suggests this is an exclusive group. It does not appear in search and only a member can see the content of the group. To join these groups, one has to be added by an existing group member.

Facebook, the largest social media site has a huge number of groups. Many of them are really big containing thousands of members. The best thing about Facebook groups is that anyone can create and add members. You just need a Facebook account and that is it. Here we will elaborate how a company can gain benefit from Facebook groups.

Customer Service Desk- Every company has some arrangements to provide help to customers; it can be in the form of email communication, online chat or a helpline number. Facebook Group has emerged as a new option of customer service. As most of the customers may have a Facebook account through which they can easily connect with the company and get help. It is easy and cost-effective for a company to provide the solution on Facebook rather than through other communication modes.

Marketing & Promotion – Once you set up a group and add a good number of relevant people then you can focus on the actual task of marketing. You can post attractive content on products and services of your company with the link of your website. It will create a buzz about your brand and boost the traffic of your website. If you don’t have the time to establish a group, you can join an existing group and do the same things as told above. Facebook group is an easy tool for networking and building relationships.

Get Feedback – If you want to try new ideas or improve the existing ones, Facebook group is the place where you get honest feedbacks instantly. By applying those feedbacks, you can create a best-selling product and improve the performance of existing services. What all you need to do is to create a Facebook group and invite people to participate. Furthermore, you should keep them motivated to actively participate in the group activity as engagement is the base of social media success.

Sell Your Products/Services – You can directly sell your products through groups. When you create a for sale group you get an option of “sell something” in the group menu. Since Facebook has billions of users and people like online shopping so you will easily find buyers for your product. There are many businesses who have a Facebook store page which look like an e-commerce website, similarly sale groups enable you to showcase and promote your products to Facebook users.

Social Engagement – Engagement is the key to success in social media. You have to constantly engage with people in order to promote your brand. Engaging content can be those which touch the emotions of the people and they like and share it in their circles. They also share their views in the comment section. It is imperative to respond to their comment to build a good relationship. When a post gets likes and shares it reaches to the larger audiences. The more people view your post more brand awareness you will create. There are several kinds of activities you can perform in a Facebook group like running a contest, hosting an event and more.

Facebook has several functions which help people connect and communicate with each other. Facebook Group is a powerful marketing tool, you can customize the functions and setting of the group to focus on a particular thing, for instance, you can make a group for the fans of your brand. Furthermore, you can focus on an aspect of your business by creating a group. Many companies successfully use Facebook group as a customer contact center. It strengthens the relationship between a brand and a customer and breeds loyalty.

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